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                             Lector Information

Congratulations and thanks for being a lector!

As a lector you are the person who reads the First and Second Lessons
and may lead a responsive reading from the Psalms in the worship
service at the lectern. Your role is an important one which should be
performed with reverence, care and devotion. Therefore, the following
suggestions are offered to help you carry out this ministry:

    1.   Study the appointed readings in advance. The lessons are
    preferably read from the lectern Bible. Arrive early so you can
    familiarize yourself with passages already marked for you in the
    lectern Bible and the Psalm in the Lutheran Book of Worship
    found on the lectern shelf. Reading well involves understanding
    the meaning of the lessons. This is not a time to mumble or
    mispronounce words or names. If there are words or names that
    are giving you problems, check them in a dictionary, lectionary
    guide (provided) or with the pastor.

    2.  After the congregation responds to the Prayer of the Day,
    there is sometimes an anthem. Following the anthem, please
    proceed to the lectern. As you go to the lectern, you may wish to
    pause momentarily and make a slight bow at the altar to honor
    Jesus Christ.

    3.  The lectern Bible will be marked ahead of time with the
    readings for the day. Underneath the lectern top, on a shelf you
    will find a Lutheran Book of Worship marked with the Psalm.
    With a clear and firm voice announce the reading as the LBW
    rubric suggests saying, "The First (or Second) Lesson is from
    the _______ chapter of _______ (Book)." (Note that it is not
    necessary to give the verse numbers.) When each of the assigned
    readings is concluded say,"The Word of the Lord." -- to which
    the congregation responds "Thanks be to God".

    4.  In the lectern you will find a Lutheran Book or Worship
    marked for the Psalm. Announce the Psalm, inviting the
    congregation to join in the responses, "We will now read
    responsively, Psalm ___, verses ___ found on page ____ of the
    Lutheran Book or Worship". Sometimes, you may not be
    required to read the Psalm because it may be intoned. Be sure to
    ask the Pastor or check the bulletin.

    5.  On Sundays when the Psalm is not used or is intoned, please
    be seated in the chair behind the lectern while the choir or
    soloists present the special music.

    6.  Following the reading of the Second Lesson, you may return
    to your pew. As you leave the lectern you may wish to again
    pause momentarily and make a slight bow at the altar to honor
    Jesus Christ.