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* Denotes Chairperson

** Pastor and Church Council President are ex officio members of all committtees.
Committee/Group Members
Altar Guild
Fran Crist*
  Ruth Warfield
  Jill Spriggs
  Gail Wisner
  Marion Matthias
Donald Lawyer
  Cindy Lawyer
  Marion Matthias
Christian Education
Kelli Scott*
  Christine Hollenbaugh
  Sarah Gallagher
Communion Assistants
Crystal Ruby
  Jim Crist
  Fran Crist
  Dwyn Fleischer
  Christina Hollenbaugh
  Crystal Ruby
Art Wisner*
  Gary Meadows
holiday flowers - Betty Huber
  altar flowers - Faye Boughter
Lector Coordinator
Jim Crist
Outreach & Welcome
Jim Crist*
  Linda Bupp
  Carrie Eyler
  Fran Crist
  Ruth Warfield
  Dwyn Fleischer
  Rick Sparacino
  Cynthia Sparacino
  Jim Huber
  Betty Huber
  Brenda Meadows
Gary Meadows*
  Junior Miller
  Jim Huber
  Mark Ruby
  Randy Hollenbaugh
  Craig Fleischer
Funeral Reception
Fran Crist*
Staff Support
Gail Wisner*
  Gary Meadows
  Art Wisner
Other Misc.
Lutheran Crafters Coordinator
Fran Crist
Front Sign Preparer
Crystal Ruby
Bell Ringer
Junior Miller
Stamp Coordinator
Janet Heltibridle
Carroll Lutheran School Delagate
Jim Huber
Carroll Lutheran Village Delagates
Jim & Fran Crist
Thrivent Liaison
Donna Myers
                                     Chairperson Guidelines

I. Setting Up Your Committee

1. Review the Mission of St. Mary's in our By-Laws and your committee's specific
responsibilities at your first meeting of the year. (see pages 21-23; contact church
secretary if you need a copy of Constitution and By-Laws).

2. Surround each committee meeting with prayer; seeking the guidance of the Holy
Spirit. Make prayers for your committee members and the work of your committee a
part of your daily prayer life.

3. Determine if existing members of committee will serve and get newer members by
having secretary type an announcement in the bulletin/newsletter, and get
references from others. Submit names to secretary.

4. Organize Committee activities for entire year and place on master calendar found
at the top of the steps in the Parish House. (see attached) Relate this to council.
Times can be altered if needed to accommodate the Parish house schedule or
committees schedule.

5. Copy of Treasurer's Report is essential. It is important that all members of
committee are aware of the financial matters of the church and as well as those parts
of the budget for which your committee is responsible for managing. If help is
desired please contact the treasurer.

6. Be aware of other activities that other committees are engaged in. There is no
reason why two committees cannot help the other, eg., Outreach may want to
collect canned goods for Carroll County Food Sunday with Christian Education

7. Prepare an agenda to follow at meeting and always inform all members of next
meeting. Take good notes at each meeting and leave copy on secretary's desk.
Minute forms are available from the secretary or near the mailboxes as you enter
the Parish House.

II. Responsibilities

1. Newsletter deadline for all announcements are to be received by the secretary no
later than 10a.m. the 3rd Wednesday of the month before the actual month to be
advertised. eg., announcement for December must be received by 10 a.m. the 3rd
Wednesday in November. There are small announcement sheets available next to
the master calendar and in the church office by secretary to be left in the church
office "in box" located on the filing cabinet or you can email the information to the
church office at: smelc@mail.com.

2. Bulletin deadline is always Wednesday. If there is a change to be made after the
deadline call and leave a message on the answering machine or contact secretary to
see if bulletin is printed and can be altered.

3. Relay pertinent Council information to committee members and vice versa. Obtain
a copy of Council secretary minutes, especially if you are unable to attend the
meeting. Copy machine is available for this purpose. (and to duplicate whatever
copies of other information you or your committee might need!)

4. Preparing budget for the following year. Usually begins in July to be ready for
November Annual Congregational meeting.

5. Collect mail from mailboxes.

III. Fund Raising Activities

1. Be sure to decide before hand the purpose of the fund raiser and who will benefit.

2. Advertise the activity through bulletin, newsletter, newspapers etc. keeping in
mind budgeted expenses. Secretary has a contact list of the free advertising in our
area (Westminster Eagle, Gettysburg Times, Carroll County Times, WTTR, etc.).
Information can emailed from the church office. Deadlines to submit your event to
advertisers can range from 2 - 4 weeks prior to the event.  Advertise early for better

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for
this is the will of God in Jesus Christ for you."
                                                     I Thess. 5:16-18

January 2, 1995
(Chairperson Guidelines Revised 12/7/09)