Pastors of the Silver Run Parish

Rev. Frederick Wildbahm

Rev. Frederick Wildbahm took charge of the church in 1765. The records of the Pennsylvania ministerium show that in 1768 letters were received from five or six small congregations, on the Maryland and Pennsylvania border, in which they requested that the ministerium receive into their union their Catechist Wildbahm, and ordain him.

Wildbahm came to America in about 1755 with a company of soldiers (Kreigsvolke), was born in Saxony, knew Latin and Greek, was a good singer, had a great gift as a catechist, and was quite eloquent.

In 1769 the churches were received into the Ministerium, and he was ordained. He served these churches until 1782 when he accepted a call to Reading where he remained until 1797 after which he served various church districts in Southern Pennsylvania until the time of his death in 1804.