St. Mary's is an assembly of Christian believers who gather together in the
community of Silver Run.  We  are a collection of people with different
needs and  concerns and yet we are called to a unity which grows  from
joining together in worship of God, the Father,  the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Each of us has different  God-given talents which we are called to use to  
witness to our faith in God's love revealed through Jesus Christ.  We are
called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to invite others to share in our
faith in Christ and to welcome them into the life of our congregation.
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3978 Littlestown Pike
Westminster, Maryland  21158
(At Route 97 and Mayberry Road, Silver Run, MD)

  Rev. Linda Fernandez
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"As the Body of Christ, St. Mary's Evangelical Lutheran Church is called by the Father through the Holy Spirit to
worship God and witness to others."

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St. Mary's Lutheran Church is the only church in the Delaware-Maryland
Synod named for a woman and is one of the synod's oldest churches
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4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
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In Church Services and Gatherings are Currently Postponed at St. Mary's
Weekly Worship will be Streamed on Church's Facebook Page.

- If there is a property emergency on church premises,
contact Gary Meadows, Property Committee Chairperson at 410-236-9161.
St. Mary's Evangelical Lutheran Church
(phone and electronic) and also starting a Contact Phone Tree.  If you know anyone
who is not currently getting church information or does not use or have access to
Facebook or email, please let Pastor Linda or the church office know.   If you are
interested in volunteering to make occasional phone calls, please let Pastor Linda or the
church office know.

.  To receive church notices, please check your email
settings to make sure your program allows receiving email sent by: office@stmaryselc.
org,,  Should you have any
questions, please contact the church office.

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Peace and health be with you!

Food Pantry has been modified. Please see the flyer for location and hours of
operation.  Food pantry family meals in the Parish Hall have been postponed.
A modified food pantry distribution will be held with a drive-thru system
of pre-packaged bags of food given to each vehicle.
Contact the Food Pantry Director, Brenda Meadows, with any questions.

Pastor Linda has been calling parishioners to touch base with them and see how
families are faring during this time. If you want to speak to her or there is a pastoral
emergency, call Pastor Linda directly on her cell at 410-279 -6760.

Online worship will continue each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. thru at least May 17th.
Please feel free to join the live services, God and technology willing!

Office hours of Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. will be teleworking and
the building will be closed. The answering machine will be checked by the secretary
during the week and she can be reached via church email: If
you need to reach Pastor Linda, call her directly on her cell at 410-279-6760.

Sunday service will be streamed on St. Mary's Facebook page Sundays at 9:30 am.
Click below for a copy of the upcoming worship services.  

The Wednesday Meal for Families has been postponed.  
A modified drive-thru pantry will be held with pre-packaged
bags of food distributed to each vehicle.  
See the flyer for location and times.
Please call the Food Pantry Director, Brenda Meadows
443-244-0453, with your questions about food pantry.
Click for food pantry page.
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May 14, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

By now I am sure that you have heard that Gov. Hogan has suggested churches might reopen
with restrictions. Both the national ELCA office and the DE-MD Synod have also issued some
guidelines to follow in reopening. The first is legal. We must be in compliance with both the
state and Carroll Country restrictions. Second, we must have a plan for safety that our
insurance will approve of. We are beginning to work on this.

I know we all want to get back together, but I want to caution you, this is not going to happen
by this Sunday, and when we do, our worship will not be what we are used to. We will be
back in stages. We will also continue to record services for those who cannot come out. I
hope to have a letter ready to go out next week with more information. So, please, be patient
with us. We will continue to worship online this Sunday and probably next Sunday. By then
we should have a plan in place to report. God bless, and stay safe.

Blessings, Pastor Linda
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