St. Mary's Lutheran Marriage Records 1884-1937    
Bankert, Edward N.                                  Bemiller, Lydia A. Mt. Pleasant                           Union Mills Nov. 30, 1884 Member at Silver Run
Wells, Franklin                                         Bankert, Maggie L. Nr. Silver Run                       Pleasant Valley Feb. 15, 1885 Married at Parsonage in Silver Run
Wentz, George C.                                  Helwig, A.S.   May 4, 1885 Parsonage
Myers, Alburtus                                   Miller, Mattie M. Hampstead                            Baltimore Sept. 27, 1885 Parsonage
Kemper, David L.                                  Myers, Senora Carroll Co., Md.                  Carroll Co., Md. Oct. 18, 1885 Parsonage
Knipple, Charles H.                              Crowl, Georgie E. Silver Run, Md.                 Silver Run, Md. Feb. 28, 1886 Parsonage
Earhart, David J.W.                               Arter, Meilly Carroll Co., Md.                Carroll Co., Md. Oct. 5, 1886 At Bride's home
Humbert, John E.                                       Leppo, Nuennna Carroll Co., Md.                Carroll Co., Md. Oct. 26, 1887 Parsonage
Stonesifer, Geo. W.                           Heltibridle, Fannie S. Carroll Co., Md.                Carroll Co., Md. Nov. 28, 1886 Parsonage
Matthias, Charles                               Myers, Laura B. Carroll Co., Md.                Carroll Co., Md. Feb. 13, 1887 Parsonage
Stuller, Edward J.                                      Kemper, Ella Carroll Co., Md.                Carroll Co., Md. March 20, 1887 Parsonage
Stuller, Samuel Y.                                    Kemper, Sarah J. Carroll Co., Md.                Carroll Co., Md. Dec. 25, 1887 Parsonage
Stiffler, Wm. S.                                     Wentz, Ida S. Carroll Co., Md.                Carroll Co., Md. March 8, 1888  Bride's Home
Dell, Richard D.A.                                Lippy, Amelia S.C. Mt. Pleasant                         Silver Run July 15, 1888 Parsonage
King, J. Wesley                                 Moihm, Annie E. A. Mt. Pleasant                      Union Mils Oct. 16, 1888 Parsonage
Hildabridle, Jonus E.                          Wantz, Sarah J. Mt. Pleasant                       Mt. Pleasant Nov. 18, 1888 Parsonage
Wierman, David K.                                Bunty, Maggie E. McSherrystown, Pa.            McSherrystown, Pa. June 24, 1889 Parsonage
Humbert, George D.                           Bachman, Mary E. Union Mills                       Union Mills Sept. 29, 1889 Parsonage
Smeach, Geo. M.                              Boose, Laura A. Mt. Pleasant                      Silver Run Nov. 14, 1889 Bride's Home
Wantz, Noah T.                                  Harner, Bertie E. Mt. Plesant                     Union Mills Dec. 5, 1889 Parsonage
Schaeffer, George E.                            Snyder, Louretta L.  Two Taverns                        Two Taverns Dec. 5, 1889 Parsonage
Study, Harvey                                   Eckard, Ella Silver Run                         Silver Run Feb. 27, 1890 Parsonage
Leppo, Daniel M.                               Murrey, Ellen E. Silver Run                       Silver Run July 27, 1890 Parsonage
Heltibridle, Robert A.                              Moul, Sarah A. Hanover, Pa.                   Hanover, Pa. Nov. 2, 1890 Parsonage
Shauk, William Henry                            Miller, Elizabeth C. Silver Run                             Silver Run Nov. 6, 1890 Parsonage
Schaeffer, George E.                           Lawyer, Laura C. Silver Run                             Silver Run Nov. 18, 1890 Parsonage
Yingling, Frederick G.                            Myers, Ada N. Silver Run                         Pleasant Valley Nov. 26, 1890 Parsonage
Myers, Upton H.                               Motter, Alice C. Pleasant Valley                 Pleasant Valley          Dec. 9, 1890 Parsonage
Myers, Jacob N.                                    Helwig, Laura A. Pleasant Valley                                 Pleasant Valley Dec. 25, 1890 Home
Miller, William B.                               Marsh, Ida S. Silver Run                         Silver Run March 19, 1891 Parsonage
Lippy, Jonas M.                                   Hively, Clara M. Bachman's Valley              Frizzellburg Apri. 5, 1891 Parsonage
Fowler, Joshua W.                                   Lawyer, Emma J. Baltimore, Md.               Pleasant Valley Apr. 30, 1891 Church
Bemiller, Theodore H.                      Knipple, Mollie Silver Run                            Silver Run Sept. 20, 1891  
Rutter, William H.                          Laughman, Lucinda McSherrystown, Pa.            New Oxford Oct. 26, 1891  
Crouse, Israel                                     Leppo, Nora Kingsdale, Pa.                    Silver Run Dec. 27, 1891  
Zepp, Nathaniel D.                             Wantz, Fanny B. Pleasant Valley                   Pleasant Valley Jan. 28, 1892  
Humbert, Edward H.                             Zepp, Irene M. Pleasant Valley              Pleasant Valley Feb. 16, 1892  
Weaver, John H.                                      Sinn, Louisa McSherrystown, Pa.         McSherrystown, Pa.        Feb. 21, 1892  
Miller, Peter W.                                 Marsh, Sarah S. Silver Run                          Silver Run April 17, 1892  
Sullivan, Edward F.                            Everhart, Mary Pleasant Valley                   Pleasant Valley July 24, 1892  
Bish, Horatio L.T.                                  Feeser, Amelia C. Silver Run                        Silver Run Oct. 30, 1892  
Bankert, Nelson H.                        Marquant, Joanna Uniontown                   Uniontown Nov. 9, 1892 Church
Crawmer, L.Philip                               Hesson, Elizabeth Uniontown                        Uniontown Nov. 15, 1892  
Stonesifer, John W.                           Boose, Jennie A. Mt. Pleasant                                      Silver Run Nov. 20, 1892  
High, William A.                                    Myerly, Anna F. Baltimore                          Pleasant Valley April 26, 1893  
Hamm, John D.                               Klinefelter, Annie M. Hanover, Pa.                     Hanover, Pa. June 14, 1893  
Everhart, Edward                                     Smith, Missourie L.  Silver Run                         Silver Run Aug. 6, 1893  
Marker, Charles G.                          Segafoose, Cora B. Tyrone                              Tyrone Aug. 19, 1893  
Starner, Jeremiah                           Humbert, Emma P. Mt. Pleasant                     Union Mills Sept. 3, 1893  
Davidson, Wm. J.                            Hiltabridle, Jennie C.H. Carroll Co.                            Carroll Co. June 24, 1894  
Mihm, George                                Garrison, Mary E. Silver Run                         Baltimore Sept. 16, 1894  
Hesson, Jacob R.                            Bemiller, Ida E. Union Mills                     Union Mills Nov. 22, 1894  
Messinger, Charles E.                  Bachman, May A. Silver Run                   Harney Dec. 20, 1894  
Jones, Charles A.                                  Eckard, Mary E. Taneytown                    Mt.Pleasant Dec. 27, 1894  
Steyer, Allen A.M.                             Drescher, Ellen M. Silver Run                Littlestown, Pa. Dec. 30, 1894  
Welk, Theo.W.                                           Sittig, Alice E. Pleasant Valley              Pleasant Valley April 28, 1895  
Stultz, David M.                                 Cunningham, Minerva R. Baltimore                           Baltimore May 18, 1895  
Sullivan, Harry C.                              Feeser, Carrie V. Pleasant Valley                 Union Mills Nov. 28, 1895  
Palmer, Frank                                   Willett, Ada Thurmont                             Thurmont Dec. 12, 1895  
Spangler, Jacob S.                                Senft, Annie Kump, Md.                  Pleasant Valley Dec. 31, 1895  
Crumrine, William                          Bachman, Annie M. Melrose                                  Melrose June 30, 1896  
Brown, Clayton D.                        Stonesifer, Rachel C. Biggs                              Pleasant Valley Sept. 27, 1896  
Myers, John W.                             Humbert, Emma S.K. Mayberry                               Silver Run Dec. 6, 1896  
Myers, Edward J.                                      Myers, Ella M.  Pleasant Valley                    Pleasant Valley March 11, 1897  
Feeser, Arthur W.                               Sheets, Minnie M. Silver Run                         Hanover, Pa. Apr. 25, 1897  
Arter, Alva                                       Marker, Lillie M.A. Myers Dist.                          Myers Dist. May 3, 1897  
Harman, Otto                                              Shull, Ella Bachman Valley                 Bachman Valley May 30, 1897  
King, Edward F.                            Stansbury, Ella Union Mills                     Union MIlls July 11, 18997  
Helwig, Martin L.                                 Hymiller, Ettie A. Pleasant Valley                Pleasant Valley Sept. 5, 1897  
Burgoon, W. Archer                         Lawyer, Estella May Union Mills                     Silver Run Sept. 18, 1897  
Powell, Robert D.                              Feeser, Sarah E. Pleasant Valley                            Silver Run Sept. 26, 1897  
Welk, Edward H.                          Stonesifer, Mazie E. Pleasant Valley                 Pleasant Valley Sept. 26, 1897  
Sheets, Theodore                                  Shultz, Bertie Hanover, Pa.                  Hanover, Pa.  Oct. 3, 1897  
Myers, Edward Holloway                    Renner, Annie L. Pleasant Valley              Blacks Corner Oct. 24, 1897  
Sell, Emory D.                                  Myers, Bertie V. Myers District                      Myers District Nov. 11, 1897  
Eckard, Charles E.                       Heltibridle, Ella Mayberry                       Pleasant Valley Dec. 7, 1897  
Bowman, Milton                             Dutterer, Carrie V. Silver Run                                                            Silver Run Dec. 23, 1897  
Myers, J. Elmer                                      Myers, Flora V. Pleasant Valley               Pleasant Valley Dec. 23, 1897  
Chenowith, Baxter                                      Shirk, Olive A. Littlestown, Pa.            Hanover, Pa. Dec. 25, 1897  
Swenk, Milton F.                                        Crumrine, Lizzie A. Bachmans Valley               Myers District Dec. 30, 1897  
Sullivan, Ulysses G.                                    Pittinger, Ida May                          Pleasant Valley                Pleasant Valley Jan. 27, 1898  
Zepp, Edward P.                                       Myers, Lizzie W. Pleasant Valley                Pleasant Valley Feb. 24, 1898  
Myers, J. Roy                                           Wantz, Gertrude E. Pleasant Valley                              Pleasant Valley Feb. 27, 1898  
Senft, Harry                                             Haifley, Maggie V. Pleasant Valley                 Pleasant Valley  April 17, 1898  
Ebaugh, William F.                                   Lippy, Bertie A. Silver Run                       Silver Run May 25, 1898  
Sullivan, Chester W.                                    Sholl, Mollie Bachmans Valley           Pleasant Hill June 5, 1898  
Myers, Upton E.                                         Petry, Mary Etta Pleasant Valley                  Pleasant Valley Aug. 14, 1898  
Rubenstein, Theodore O.                              Leppo, Emma E. Hanover, Pa.                     Silver Run Oct. 2, 1898  
Garrett, John E.                                          Warner, Emma M. Manchester District        Bandana, Pa. Jan. 8, 1899  
Spangler, S. Hezekiah                                 Yingling Abbie A.               Kumps                           Silver Run Jan. 22, 1899  
Little, Joseph P.                                        Baker, Carrie L. Union Mills                     Littlestown, Pa. Mar. 12, 1899  
Ehrhart, Jesse                                    Williams, Sallie Dallastown, Pa.                     Rye, Pa. Mar. 28, 1899  
Hoff, David E.                                        Keefer, Cora Belle New Windsor                     Mayberry Apr. 13, 1899  
Kump, Orlando S.D.                              Barnhart, Millie E. Deep Run                           Taneytown May 29, 1899  
Bowman, Oliver E.                             Messinger, Bertie Silver Run                             Union Mills July 16, 1899  
Hiltibridle, Edward F.                            Mash, Mary Silver Run                           Union Mills Sept. 24, 1899  
Stonesifer, J. Edward                         Crayton, Mary C. Mt. Pleasant                      Union Mills Sept. 24, 1899  
Dutterer, Alvin G.                                Bowersox, Ada A. Silver Run                             Silver Run Nov. 19, 1899  
Burgoon, John Irving                            Brown, Laura Hanover, Pa.                      Union Mills Nov. 21, 1899  
Cratin, Samuel J.                                 Myers, Lillian Union Mills                        Union Mills Dec. 5, 1899  
Frock, Jacob W.                                   Lawyer, Carrie B. Silver Run                           Silver Run Dec. 14, 1899  
Wantz, Harry D.                                Kester, Annie F. Pleasant Valley                  Pleasant Valley Dec. 21, 1899  
Beachtel, Howard L.                               Null, Lillie M. Myers District                      Myers District Dec. 21, 1899  
Kesserling, Richard M.                         Bankard, Ada Virginia Wirsh's Mill                        Mayberry Jan. 7, 1900  
Hesson, Samuel D.                                 Harner, Florence M. Ohio                                   Union Mills Feb. 25, 1900  
Stout, William E.                                  Knipple, Estella May Baltimore, Md.                   Silver Run June 6, 1900  
Rabenstein, Marcellus W.J.                   Myers, Cora A. Hanover, Pa.                       Myers District Nov. 11, 1900  
DeGroft, George E.                             Koontz, Minnie M. Black's Corner                       Silver Run Dec. 5, 1900  
Crouse, John H.                                  Bowersox, Liney A. Silver Run                           Silver Run Dec. 9, 1900  
Halter, David E.                                    Bachman, Lzzie Irene Silver Run                            Silver Run Dec. 13, 1900  
Parr, Harry R.                                     Messinger, Flora B. Adams Co., Pa.                  Silver Run Dec. 26, 1900  
Null, Greenbury                                    Little, Maggie M. Taneytown                         Hunterstown, Pa. Jan. 1, 1901  
Messinger, Jacob H.                             Kesserling, Missouri Taneytown                            Taneytown Jan. 22, 1901  
Study, George M.                                 Renner, Luella A. Silver Run                            Silver Run Apr. 25, 1901  
Beachtel, William L.                              Karicoff, Ella Myers District                       Adams Co., Pa. Nov. 11, 1901  
Brown, John T.                                      Lawyer, Annie P. Silver Run                            Silver Run Nov. 28, 1901  
Shank, Allan C.                                    Hildibridle, Emma M. Silver Run                           Silver Run Mar. 2, 1902  
Groft, Harry Noss                                  Humbert Clara Edna Union Mills                          Union Mills Mar. 23, 1902  
Haifley, John T.                                     Eckard, Mary E. Tyrone                                 Tyrone June 5, 1902  
Leese, Albert H.                                    Markle, Minerva M. Bandana, Pa.                       Myers District Aug. 13, 1902  
Yeiser, Clinton M.                                  Kephart, Carrie M. Hanover, Pa.                         Hanover, Pa. Nov. 11, 1902  
Rabenstein, Harry A.                               Knipple, Birdie V. Hanover, Pa.                        Hanover, Pa. Dec. 7, 1902  
Harner, Addison                                     Renner, Lulu Adams Co., Pa.                    Adams Co., Pa. Dec. 25, 1902  
Dehoff, Albert                                       Markle, Della Adams Co., Pa.                   Myers District Jan. 1, 1903  
Crowl, Garfield D.                                  Myers, Mary Anna Union Mills                           Union Millls Jan. 25, 1903  
Starner, Edward                                   Humbert, Katie Westminster                                          Westminster Feb. 1, 1903  
Hull, Samuel T.                                    Matthias, Gertie V. Harrisburg, Pa.                      Silver Run Apr. 12, 1903  
Leese, Albert H.                                     Markle, Minerva M. Bandana, Pa.                        Myers District Aug. 12, 1903  
Berwager, Tollie O.                                Frock, Catharine Myers District                      Myers District Oct. 4, 1903  
Hyser, Edward                                       Mummert, Eura Taneytown                          Silver Run Oct. 20, 1904 Parsonage
Frounfelter, Arthur E.                             Myers, Florence Edna Silver Run                           Silver Run Nov. 17, 1904 Parsonage
Bucher, John S.                                   Willet, Annie M. Littlestown, Pa.                    Littlestown, Pa. Dec. 28, 1904 Parsonage
Dull, Denton O.                                     Crebbs, Carrie C. Deep Run                            Littlestown, Pa. Oct. 25, 1905 Silver Run
Myers, G. Claude                                    Carlbaugh, Romain Mayberry                              Mayberry Feb. 15, 1906 Silver Run
Heiser, Ellin                                         Nisensole, Dalla K. Littlestown, Pa.                      Littlestown, Pa. May 29, 1906 Parsonage
Wintrode, Charles E.                             Crouse, Renie C. Littlestown, Pa.                   Littlestown, Pa.   Parsonage
Myers, Jacob L.                                    Black, Lydia May Silver Run                             Silver Ruin Aug. 1, 1906 Parsonage
Myers, Milton E.                                    Myers, Mary J.      Silver Run                            Silver Run Nov. 22, 1906 Parsonage
Dutterer, James I.                               Fuhrman, Emma E. Silver Run                             Silver Run Dec. 18, 1906 Parsonage
Warner, Granville O.                             Myers, Celia E. Littlestown, Pa.                     Littlestown, Pa. Dec. 23, 1906 Parsonage
Bixler, Blaine E.                                   Shildt, Mable E. Littlestown,Pa.                    Littlestown, Pa. Jan. 8, 1907 Parsonage
Erb, George                                         Horner, Florence Union Mills                            Union Mills Feb. 27, 1907 Home
Jones, Maurice E.                                 Masonheimer, Effie M. Silver Run                             Silver Run Mar. 7, 1907 Parsonage
Shoemaker, Charles                              Mummert, Cora E. Littlestown, Pa.                   Westminster, Md. Mar. 7, 1907 Parsonage
Marshall, Jesse M.                               Bachman, Lille E. Silver Run                            Westminster Mar. 30, 1907 Parsonage
Bemiller, Franklin                                   Stonesifer, Mary Silver Run                            Silver Run Oct. 2, 1907 Parsonage
Harman, Jesse W.                               Koontz, Mary B. Hanover, Pa.                        Hanover, Pa. Oct. 12, 1907 Parsonage
Dutterer, Eli C.                                     Messinger, Mollie K. Silver Run                            Silver Run Nov. 20, 1907 Parsonage
Hesson, Oliver C.                                Fuhrman, Edith V. Westminster                          Silver Run Dec. 10, 1907 Parsonage
Foglesong, Charles J.                            Hildabridle, Bertha L. Mayberry                           Mayberry Dec. 19, 1907 Parsonage
Wetzel, George L.                               Koontz, Frances Silver Run                           Silver Run March 21, 1908 Parsonage
Lawyer, Sterling C.                               Wisner, Mettie M. Union Mills                            Baltimore October 4, 1908 Parsonage
Legore, Thomas C.                                Forney, Mary Taneytown                             Taneytown Nov. 22, 1908 Parsonage
Reaver, Robert M.                                 Study, Mary M. Harney                                     Silver Run Jan. 10, 1909 Parsonage
Myers, Joseph E.                               Yingling, Mary J. Pleasant Valley                    Hanover, Pa.    
Bankert, Edgar C.                                Wisner, Mary Margaret Westminster                       Patapsco, Md.   Parsonage
Leister, Maurice C.                              Reese, Lila M.                  Pleasant Valley                    Silver Run Apr. 224, 1909 Parsonage
Smith, Bennevill                                   Hotterstein, Annie P. Pa.                                      Middlebury Oct. 16, 1909 Parsonage
Utz, Clarence Curvin                               Zepp, Ada C. Westminster, R.D. 7 Dec. 5, 1909 Parsonage
Messinger, Samuel J.                             Groft, Annie C. Union Mills                        Silver Run Jan. 23, 1910 Parsonage
Strevig, Charles M.                             Lemmon, Ada G. Pleasant Valley                    Silver Run Jan. 30, 1910 Oarsonage
Erb, Harvey F.                                      Hesson, Emma Westminster Feb. 3, 1910 Parsonage
Warehime, Harry V.                            Knipple, Earl E. Westminster R.D.                 Westminster R.D. Feb. 8, 1910 Parsonage
Hesson, Milton G.                                      Eckard, Mary E. Westminster                      Westminster July 24, 1910 Parsonage
Frounfelter, Charles E.                           Brown, Effie E. Westminster R.D.                Littlestown, Pa. Jan. 1, 1911 Parsonage
Stonesifer, Maurice R.                          Myers, Clara V. Silver Run                            Silver Run Feb. 21, 1911 Parsonage
Null, Irvin J.                                           Lippy, L. Mae Silver Run                             Silver Run Feb. 22, 1911 Parsonage
Smeach, Harry C.                                Kempher, Ida V. Westminster                       Westminster May 11, 1911 Parsonage
Houser, Herbert N.                                Hesson, Ada M.  Westminster                                       Westminster                       May 25, 1911 Parsonage
Eckert, Robert R.                                  Little, Arie R. Taneytown                            Silver Run June 22, 1911 Parsonage
Rose, Charles                                       Messinger, Annie Littlestown R.D.                      Littlestown R.D. Oct. 21, 1911 Parsonage
Lemmon, Oscar R.                               Myers, Blanche L. Silver Run                           Silver Run Sept. 9, 1911 Parsonage
Dutterer, George L.                               Fuhrman, Effie M. Silver Run                                Silver Run Dec. 5, 1911 Parsonage
Mummert, Ira C.                                       Groft, Clara E. Bendersville, Pa.                  Silver Run Dec. 24, 1911 Parsonage
Gummel, Jacob D.                                 Wareheim, Susan E. Westminster R.D.                Westminster R.D. Apr. 16, 1912 Home
Mikesell, William M.                               Messinger, Estella Adams Co., Pa.                    Carroll Co. Oct. 19, 1912 Parsonage
Lowman, William                                   Evans, Hester McSherrystown., Pa.           McSherrystown, Pa.  Dec. 1, 1912 Parsonage
Reese, John W.                                    Zepp, Lottie M. Westminster                        Hanover, Pa. Jan. 11, 1913 Parsonage
Bemiller, Carroll C.                                 Reese, Beulah L. Carroll Co.                              Pleasant Valley May 24, 1913 Parsonage
Kindig, Irvin Roy                                   Bemiller, Elva Grace Littlestown, Pa.                   Silver Run June 18, 1913 Home
Matthias, Oliver                                    Study, Maude Silver Run                            Westminster Nov. 6, 1913  
Crabbs, Washington A.                         Mummert, Lottie B. Littlestown, Pa.                    Littlestown, Pa. Nov. 27, 1913  
Groft, Abraham F.                                 Gerting, Annie M. Silver Run                           Silver Run Jan. 5, 1914  
Mummert, John E.                                 Frounfelter, Carrie N. Littlestown, Pa.                    Carroll Co. Jan. 10, 1914  
Jenkins, Rev. John T.                             Knipple, Rose B. Easton, Pa.                          Silver Run Feb. 11, 1914  
Hahn, Oscar B.                                     Everhart, Beatrice B. Westminster                        Westminster July 30, 1914  
Gerlach, Henry R.                                    Shealer, Dora E.   Gettysburg, Pa.                   Gettysburg, Pa. Sept. 5, 1914  
Carbaugh, David V.                              Keefer, Ethel M. Mayberry                              Mayberry Dec. 20, 1914  
Humbert, Geo. E.                                Fuhrman, Cora K. Union Mills                            Melrose Dec. 24, 1914  
Messinger, Samuel J.                           Dudrow, Susannah Union Mills                          Union Mills Dec. 27, 1914  
Palmer, John E.                              Masonheimer, Annie B. Adams Co., Pa.                    Silver Run Dec. 31, 1914  
Tanner, Leon Douglas                             McGruder, Virginia Mt. Washington                     Union Mills May 2, 1915 Parsonage
Bankert, Leonard                                  Harmon, Bessie Silver Run                            Bachmans Valley July 3, 1915 Parsonage
Welty, John Lewis                                  Wolf, Lizzie Viola Taneytown                           Taneytown Oct. 5, 1915 Parsonage
Gonker, Joseph E.                                Baughman, Mary Catherine Littlestown, Pa.                     Littlestown, Pa. Feb. 15, 1916 Parsonage
H. Lee Haifley                                    Study, Beulah V. Taneytown                           Taneytown Mar. 6, 1916 Parsonage
Humbert, John M.                              Bankert, Annie Silver Run                            Silver Run June 22, 1916 Parsonage
Knipple, Geo. W.                                 Warner, Myrtle P. Hanover, Pa.                        Littlestown, Pa. Ju;y 8, 1916 Parsonage
Nusbaum, Wm. Elwood                         Humbert, Ella Artilla Union Mills                       Silver Run July 29, 1916 Humbert Home
Knipple, Rev. J. Grover C.                        Reichle, Anna E. Silver Run                            Gettysburg, Pa.  Sept. 10, 1916 Church
Bair, Daniel M.                                  Flickinger, Roxie R. Littlestown, Pa.                   Littlestown, Pa. Sept. 30, 1916 Parsonage
Flickinger, Sterling Milton                       Myers, Bertha Virginia Mayberry                              Taneytown Oct. 3, 1916 Parsonage
Study, Ralph W.                                   Messinger, Emma J. Littlestown                           Littlestown Dec. 21, 1916 Parsonage
Miller, Norman A.                                    Kirkoff, Portia K. Hanover, Pa.                          Union MIlls Dec. 24, 1916 Parsonage
Crabbs, James S.                           Mayers, Bessie Naomi Westminster                        Littlestown, Pa. Jan. 11, 1917 Parsonage
Lawer, James A.                                   Potts, Lillian Mercersburg, Pa.                   Ohio Sept. 24, 1917 Parsonage
Humbert, Walter S.                               Myers, Carrie May Union Mills                               Union Mills Oct. 4, 1917 Parsonage
Wantz, Archy C.                                       Wareheim, Mary E. Union Mills                           Mt. Pleasant Nov. 22, 1917 Parsonage
Messinger, Elmer S.                                 Myers, Mabel Littlestown, Pa.                 Westminster Dec. 31, 1917 Parsonage
Wareheim, Harry M.                              Leppo, Ruth E Westminster                          Westminster Feb. 14, 1918 Parsonage
Humbert, Geo. Stanley                         Bollinger, Mary Jane Westminster                       Hanover, Pa. Feb. 27, 1918 Parsonage
Lindsay, Eugene L.                            Bowers, Bernice M. Westminster                       Hanover, Pa. Mar. 3, 1918 Parsonage
Strevig, Howard Dewey                         Jones, Celie Leverne  Silver Run                          Silver Run June 8, 1918  
Baumgardner, Ernest                          Strevig, Grace R. Silver Run                          Silver Run July 6, 1918  
Louey, Paul E.                                   Myers, Hilda G. Silver Run                          Silver Run Sept. 9, 1918  
Bemiller, John Edward                          Willet, Beulah Arlene Ester Silver Run                          Silver Run Nov. 27, 1918  
Hines, George W.                               Kilheffer, Jessie I. Silver Run                          Silver Run Apr. 24, 1919 Parsonage
Carr, Harry W.                                    Baublit, Rhoda L. Westminster                      Silver Run June 15, 1919 Parsonage
Sudgen, ??  Harrison                             Myers, Hilda Mabel Westminster                           Silver Run Oct. 2, 1919 Parsonage
Frock, Oscar T.                                     Bish, Esta V. Silver Run                            Westminster Nov. 27, 1919 Parsonage
Stonesifer, Ralph S.                              Harchenhorn, Elva M. Westminster                       Westminster Dec. 31, 1919 Parsonage
Wantz, Elwood J.                                   Bemiller, Leverne M. Pleasant Valley                     Silver Run Jan. 1, 1920 Bride's Home
Kindig, Elmer Roy                                 Yeiser, Treva Laverne Littlestown, Pa.                    Union Mills Nov. 27, 1919 Bride's Home
Wantz, Elwood Joseph                            Bemiller, Laverne May Pleasant Valley                             Silver Run Jan. 1, 1920 Bride's Home
Beachtel, Herman Edward                      Bair, Estella Westminster                         Hanover, Pa. Mar. 3, 1920 Parsonage
King, Roy                                              Tressler, Carie Edna Westminster                        Littlestown, Pa. Dec. 22, 1920 Parsonage
Newman, Walter J.                                Brown, Helen E. Union Mills                              Westminster Dec. 25, 1920 Parsonage
Overholtzer, Emanuel N.                         Study, Helen T. Taneytown                            Littlestown, Pa. Jan. 8, 1921 Parsonage
Haines, Lawrence H.                                Myers, Lottie V. Union Mills                           Pleasant Valley Jan. 22, 1921 Walter Eckard Home
Heltibridle, Geo. F.                                 Strevig, Annie L. Silver Run                             Westminster Feb. 5, 1921 Parsonage
Lippy, Artie A.                                       Myers, Beulah A. Westminster                                    Westminster Apr. 10, 1921 Bride's Home
Null, Paul John                                     Hoffacher, E.S. Hanover, Pa.                         Hanover, Pa. Apr. 16, 1921 Parsonage
Utz, Geo. Edw.                                      Flickinger, Carrie Viola Westminster                                    Westminster July 26, 1921 Parsonage
Wolff, Charles Richard                          Oyler, Anna May Gettysburg, Pa.                    Gettysburg, PA. Sept. 22, 1921 Parsonage
Zepp, Nelson                                         Frank, Hilda Virginia Deep Run                              Deep Runn Oct. 23, 1921 Parsonage
Brown, Herman Leroy                             Sell, Gladys Marie Hanover, R.D., Pa.               Littlestown, Pa. Nov. 2, 1921 Parsonage
Mechley, Clitus E.                                 Crumrine, Hilda E. Hanover, Pa.                       Hanover, PA. Nov. 15, 1921 Parsonage
Johnson, James S.                               Wolhman, Myrna F. Lancaster, Pa.                     Abbottstown, Pa. Nov. 19, 1921 Home of Mother, Littlestown, Pa.
Messinger, John Samuel                        Mikesell, Naomi MAy Littlestown, Pa.                    Hanover, Pa. Nov. 24, 1921 Parsonage
Raubenstine, Maurice L.                        Mummert, Bertha M. York Co., Pa.                         York Co., Pa. Dec. 11, 1921 Parsonage
Messinger, S. Jacob                              Strevig, Emma Grace Union Mills                           Union Mills Jan. 26, 1922 Parsonage
Stock, Charles C.                                   Rittenhoff, Ruth York Springs, Pa.                York Springs, Pa. Aug. 14, 1922 Church
Barnhart, John W.                                 Stultz, Mary E. Westminster                         Westminster Oct. 21, 1922 Parsonage
Overholtzer, George C.                         Anders, Martha A. Taneytown                            Taneytown Nov. 28, 1922 Parsonage
Leese, Ernest M.                                 Trone, Treva L. Hanover, Pa.                        Hanover, Pa. Dec. 9, 1922 Parsonage
DeGroft, Leroy G.                                 Schildt, Elsie B. Littlestown, Pa.                    Littlestown, Pa. Dec. 23, 1922 Parsonage
Bankert, Floyd A.                                  Gorvich, Maggie E.   Union Mills                                        Union Mills Dec. 30, 1922 Parsonage
Snyder, Charles F.                                 Miller, Adelaide I.       Union Mills                          Union Milsl Jan. 3, 1923 Parsonage
Reynolds, Charles E.                             Wolf, Menon E.  Elkton, Md.                           Philadelphia, Pa. Mar. 6, 1923 Church
Lawyer, Paul E.                                    Feeser, Leah C. Silver Run                             Silver Run Mar. 29, 1923 Bride's Home
Shorb, Jacob G.                                    Stonesifer, Margaret Silver Run                             Silver Run May 12, 1923 Parsonage
Kiser, Alfred D.                                     Swartz, Miriam S. Lemoyne, Pa.                       Mechanicsburg, Pa. June 16, 1923 Parsonage
Thomas, Ellis A.                                     Eimig, Beulah V. Spring Grove, Pa.                 Spring Grove, Pa. July 14, 1923 Parsonage
Geiselman, Robert Clare                         Matthias, Edna Virginia Gettysburg, Pa.                  Littlestown, Pa. Oct. 14, 1923 Bride's Home
Koontz, Charles W.                               Leese, Sadie L. Union Mills                        Westminster Dec. 19, 1923 Parsonage
Miller, Noah J.                                        Stollmith, Mildred Mae Littlestown, Pa.                    Aspers, Pa. Dec. 24, 1923 Parsonage
Ruth, Michael                                     Flickinger, Edith Hanover, Pa.                         Hanover, Pa. Dec. 28, 1923 Parsonage
Leppo, Theodore John                           Myers, Effie Mae Hanover RFD, Pa.                 Union Mills Jan. 5, 1924 Parsonage
Shoemaker, Lester Clinton                     Bair, Annie Mae Littlestown, Pa.                    Silver Run Feb. 16, 1924 Parsonage
Study, Charles H.                                Snyder, Dorothy A. Silver Run                       Silver Run Feb. 24, 1924 Parsonage
Newman, Noah E.                                 Bankard, Ruth R. Union Mills                          Taneytown Mar. 29, 1924 Parsonage
Bowman, Ralph D.                                Strevig, Anna Katherine Silver Run                            Frizzellburg Apr. 3, 1924 Parsonage
Myers, Harold                                        Brinkerhoff, Jessie Roslyn, Md.                          Roslyn, Md. Apr. 24, 1925 Parsonage
Marsh, Harold E.                                   Worley, Caroline M. West Fairview, Pa.                West Fairview, Pa.  May 19, 1924 Parsonage
Stonesifer, Joseph T.                             Shean, Helen L. Littlestown, Pa.                  Littlestown, Pa. May 24, 1924 Parsonage
Warner, Ross Raymond                        Wertz, Helen Elizabeth Silver Run                            Littlestown, Pa. May 30, 1924 Parsonage
Messinger, Oliver H.                              Sponseller, Cora C. Littlestown, Pa.                    Silver Run      Aug. 16, 1924 Parsonage
Richrode, Sylvester W.                          Shealer, Delta E. Littlestown, Pa.                    Hanover, Pa. Sept. 27, 1924 Parsonage
Newman, Wilmer B.                              Bankert, Mabel I. Union Mills                         Taneytown Jan. 15, 1925 Parsonage
Reaver, Loy W.                                     Dick, Helen P. Taneytown                             Littlestown, Pa. Jan. 24, 1925 Parsonage
Lippy, John W.                                      Jeff, Hilda M. Westminster RFD                Westminster RFD May 3, 1925 Parsonage
Birkoman, Samuel Ross                        Wolf, Ruth S. Hebron                                           Silver Run Jan. 30, 1925 Parsonage
Schroll, Raymond L.                             Allard, Daisy L. Codorus, Pa.                         Spring Grove, Pa. July 25, 1925 Parsonage
Tasto, Earl L.                                       Hahn, Margaret C. Hanover, Pa.                       Hahn's Schoolhouse Rd. Nov. 7, 1925 Parsonage
DeGroft, Walter Isaac                            Bemiller, Mille LaRuth Littlestown, Pa.                   Silver Run Nov. 10, 1925 Parsonage
Crouse, Walter F.                                  Worley, Laura Mae Columbia, Pa.                        Littlestown, Pa. Dec. 5, 1925 Parsonage
Warner, Wm. O.                                   Koontz, Cora L. Westminster                     Westminster Dec. 17, 1925 Parsonage
Yingling, Edgar F.                                  Walters, Zelda G. Littlestown, Pa.                       Gettysburg, PA. Jan. 11, 1926 Parsonage
Fleishman, Joseph                                 Erb, Hilda Margaret Silver Run                            Silver Run Feb. 3, 1926 Parsonage
Little, J. Wesley                                   Brown, Carolyn R. Littlestown, Pa.                   Union MIlls Feb. 25, 1926 Church
Wantz, Melvin E.                                  Deardoff, Evelyn Hanover, Pa.                        Hanover, Pa. Apr. 3, 1926 Parsonage
Goble, Harry A.                                     Hines, Ruth Baltimore                             Harrisburg, Pa. June 22, 1926 Church
Myers, Lester C.                                      Hesson, Elva E. York, Pa.                              Hanover, Pa. June 29, 1926 Parsonage
Wantz, Ralph F.                                  Shipley, Helen Mae York, Pa.                              York, Pa.     July 3, 1926 Home of Mrs. H. Wantz
Little, Chester                                        Lippy, Treva Hanover, Pa.                         Midway, PA. Aug. 15, 1926 Parsonage
Sentz, Edgar P.                                    Smith, Alizetta Gettysburg, Pa.                   Gettysburg, Pa. Aug. 30, 1926 Parsonage
Zepp, Earl E.                                       Riley, Mattie M. Pleasant Valley                   Littlestown, Pa. Sept. 4, 1926 Parsonage
Hines, Gemie W.                                Shay, Nellie M. York, Pa.                             York, PA. Sept. 11, 1926 Parsonage
Wentz, Jacob S.                                   Myers, Bessie C. Manchester                        Manchester Mar. 5, 1927 Parsonage
Masenheimer, Preston L.                     Jones, Effie M.              Hanover, Pa.                       Littlestown, Pa. Mar. 19, 1927 Parsonage
Newman, Bradley B.                             Hyser, Laura O. Littlestown, Pa.                   Taneytown May 26, 1927 Parsonage
Crouse, George                                    Messinger, Maggie Littlestown, Pa.                     Union Mills Apr. 17, 1927 Parsonage
Masenheimer, Norman                          Arter, Erma Westminster                       Westminster Aug. 25, 1927 Parsonage
Yingling Frederick L.                             Dodrer, Ida B. Westminster                       Westminster Sept. 3, 1927 Parsonage
Myers, George F.                                  Kehr, Marie A. Silver Run                           Deep Run Nov. 12, 1927 Parsonage
Mayers, Ernest W.                                Arter, Catharine Littlestown, Pa.                    Littlestown, PA. June. 7, 1928 Parsonage
Bowman, Milton T.                                Stonesifer, Clara V. Silver Run                            Littlestown, Pa. Mar. 25, 1928 Parsonage
Bollinger, Ralph L.                              Manchey, Nellie C. Littlestown, Pa.                             Silver Run            June 9, 1928 Parsonage
Myers, Ivan W.                                      Hahn, Mary E. Uniontown                         Emmittsburg June 14, 1928 Parsonage
Snyder, Sterling                                   Luckenbaugh, Catharine Littlestown, Pa.                   Gettysburg, Pa. July 20, 1928 Parsonage
Harner, Warren                                      Berwager, Viola Littlestown, Pa.                   Hanover, PA. Oct. 10, 1928 Parsonage
Zimmerman, Henry                                 Beecher, Lettie M. Lancaster, Pa.                    York, Pa. Nov. 24, 1928 Parsonage
Mitten, Harry R.                                    Morelock, Grace E. Reisterstown                      Westminster Nov. 24, 1928 Parsonage
Luckenbaugh, Paul                               Flickinger, Beatrice Lineboro                              Hanover, PA. Apr. 12, 1929 Parsonage
Orndorff, Nevin F.                                Warner, Evelyn F. McSherrystown, Pa.             Hanover, PA. Apr. 13, 1929 Parsonage
Baughman, Earl C.                                Mays, Mattie V. Brushtown, Pa.                    Hanover, PA. Apr. 13, 1929 Parsonage
Wildasin, Harold E.                              Yingling, Mary M. Hanover, Pa.                       Westminster Apr. 13, 1929 Parsonage
Edgar, J. Elmer                                    Amspacher, Lovina G. Stewartstown, Pa.                            York, Pa. Apr. 27, 1929 Church
Helwig, John J.                                     Garrett, Effie Hanover, Oa.                                Codorus, PA. May 11, 1929 Parsonage
Marshall, Raymond C.                           Lockner, Edna M. Hanover, Pa.                        Silver Run May 15, 1929 Parsonage
Kemper, John H.M.                               Hahn, Louise A. Littlestown, Pa.                   Westminster June 22, 1929 Parsonage
Hartlaub, Paul A.                                  Blouse, Naomi R.                  Hanover, Pa.                        Hanover, Pa. June 26, 1929 Parsonage
Flickinger, Walter E.                             Smith, Mary C. Littlestown, Pa.                        Pleasant Hill, Pa. July 6, 1929 Parsonage
Weaver, Ernest                                     Losch, Beatrice Richfield, Pa.                       Richfield, Pa. Aug. 2, 1929 Parsonage
Wentz, Roy D.                                      Bentzel, Lola M. Westminster                       Hanover, Pa. Sept. 21,1929 Parsonage
Hoke, James C.                                   Ryan, Romaine York, Pa.                             York, Pa. Oct. 25, 1929 Parsonage
Leaf, Walter L.                                     Stump, Madeline D. Reisterstown                        Hampstead Nov. 23, 1929 Parsonage
Stonesifer, James A.                             Berwager, Blanche Union Mills                           Union Mills Dec. 7, 1929 Parsonage
Bitzel, Martin                                         Hunter, Mildred Westminster                        Westminster Dec. 21, 1929 Parsonage
Bloom, John                                   Humbert, Madelyn                                Littlestown, Pa.                    Littlestown, Pa. Mar. 25, 1930 Parsonage
Bankert, Theodore R.                             Stonesifer, L. Elizabeth Union Mills                          Silver Run Apr. 19, 1930 Parsonage
Smith, George J.                                  Neiman, Mildred York, Pa.                             York, PA. Aug. 23, 1930 Parsonage
Stem, Lorraine W.                                 Berwager, Grace C. Westminster                       Westminster Sept. 8, 1930 Parsonage
Bechtel, Eugene A.                               Stonesifer, Emma C. Westminster                       Westminster Sept. 11, 1930 Parsonage
Yingling, Ralph E.                                 Staley, Beatrice Silver Run                            Littlestown, Pa. Sept. 11, 1930 Parsonage
Hoke, Philip Leroy                                 Day, Treva May Hanover, Pa.                      Hanover, Pa. Sept. 20, 1930 Church
Day, Charles E.                                   Bentzel, Gladys C. Hanover, Pa.                      Hanover, Pa. Oct. 4, 1930 Parsonage
Hamme, Russell E.                               Miller, Elizabeth I Spring Grove, Pa.                  Spring Grove, Pa. Feb. 14, 1931 Parsonage
DeHoff, Curvin                                    Dayhoff, Olive Littlestown, Pa.                       Westminster RFD June 20, 1931 Parsonage
Minter, Lloyd S.                                    Switzer, O'Reau Gettysburg, Pa.                     Newport, Ark. July 4, 1931 Parsonage
Harmon, Donald H.                           Heltibridle, Mary E. Gettysburg, Pa.                   Gettysburg, Pa. Aug. 7, 1931 Parsonage
Conover, G. Kenneth                             Brown, M. Roberta  Littlestown, Pa.                    Union Mills Aug. 8, 1931 Church
Bemiller, Carl T.                                 Yealey, Sarah Katherine Westminster                       Hanover, Pa. Aug. 8, 1931 Parsonage
Krumrine, Oscar P.                               Stewart, Treva I. Union Mills                         Union Mills Aug. 15, 1931 Parsonage
Laughman, Albert P.                             Hardy, Catherine E. Adams Co., Pa.                    Adams Co. Pa. Aug. 24, 1931 Parsonage
Wildasin, Cletus E.                                Hoff, Anna C. Pleasant Hill, Pa.              Hanover, Pa. Oct. 14, 1931 Parsonage
Krug, John W.                                   Hartlaub, Bertha M. Littlestown, Pa.                  Littlestown, Pa. Oct. 21, 1931 Parsonage
Leidigh, Paul M.                                  Thomas, Louise M. Mt. Holly Springs, Pa.                  Mt. Holly Springs, Pa. Jan. 14, 1932 Parsonage
Gravely, Roy E.                                     Crabbs, Gladys E. Littlestown, Pa.                  Littlestown, Pa. Mar. 26, 1932 Parsonage
Waybright, Oliver J.                              Flohr, Fannie E. Gettysburg, Pa.                   Taneytown Aug. 23, 1932 Parsonage
Miller, Robert J.                                       Johnson, Ruth E. Baltimore                            Baltimore Sept. 14, 1932 Parsonage
Rowe, Leroy C.                                     Swartz, Geraldine I. Harrisburg, Pa.                                 Harrisburg, Pa, Sept. 17, 1932 Parsonage
Hahn, Harry L.                                    Wildasin, Emma P. Silver Run                            Littlestown, Pa. Sept. 24, 1932 Parsonage
Greenholtz, John B.                              Lambert, Carrie E. Westminster                         Westminster Nov. 12, 1932 Parsonage
Geiman, Forrest B.                              Bankert, Naomi C. Pleasant Valley                   Silver Run Nov. 12, 1932 Parsonage
Albin, Wilbert F.                                   Baumgardner, Helen C. Hanover, Pa.                          Hanover, Pa. Dec. 15, 1932 Parsonage
Stonesifer, Harry M.                           Snyder, Catharine R.  Westminster                         Westminster Dec. 24, 1932 Parsonage
Harman, Harry L.                                Myers, Mary V. Littlestown, Pa.                    Westminster Dec. 24, 1932 Parsonage
Crist, Robert L.                                     Leister, Marian Westminster                         Westminster Dec. 24, 1932 Parsonage
Bankert, Alton N.                                   Moore, Pinkie E. Union Mills                          Westminster Aopr. 13, 1933 Parsonage
Utz, Melvin E.                                       Abbott, Gladys M. Sandymount                         Sandymount May 20, 1933 Parsonage
Rader, Elmer P.                                    Coleman, Dorothy V. Parkville                               Baltimore June 14, 1933 Baltimore
Kauffman, Stuart A.                               Dennes, Katie E. York, Pa.                           York, Pa. June 20, 1933 Parsonage
Stuart, Willard R.                                   Klunk, Theresa C. Hanover, Pa.                       Hanover, PA. Aug. 5, 1933 Parsonage
Cover, Ellio A.                                      Oaster, Catherine C. Silver Runn                          McSherrystow, Pa. Aug. 18, 1933 Parsonage
Noel, Roy E.                                         Baker, Evelyn A.         Spring Grove, Pa.                 Moulstown, Pa. Nov. 29, 1933 Parsonage
Neff, William H.                                     Fetrow, Bertha E. York, Pa.                           York, Pa. Nov. 30, 1933 Church
Bixler, Glenn E.                                     Becker, Loretta G. Littlestown, Pa.                    Hanover, PA. Dec. 9, 1933 Church
Bowman, Luther A.                               Blettner, Laura G. Westminster                        Hanover, Pa. Dec. 30, 1933 Church
Appler, Kenneth U.                               Wareheim, Romaine A. Littlestown, Pa.                                Hanover, Pa. Jan. 20, 1934 Parsonage
Flickinger, Clinton W.                            Mummert, Mildred New Oxford, Pa.                   Taneytown Jan. 27, 1934 Parsonage
Becker, Edward J.                                 Croft, Grace P. Hanover, Pa.                        Hanover, Pa. Mar. 31., 1934 Parsonage
Shanebrook, Lake A.                             Smith, Lola Taneytown                           Littlestown, Pa. May 19, 1934 Parsonage
Crawmer, Sterling C.                            Myers, Margaret A. New Windsor                       Westminster Aug. 15, 1934 Parsonage
Spangler, George H.                              Hahn, Viola E. Littlestown, Pa.                   Littlestown, Pa. Aug. 25, 1934 Parsonage
Leese, Roy D.                                      Myers, Mabel C. Westminster                                   Westminster Sept. 1, 1934 Parsonage
Maust, John D.                                      Miller, Margaret K. Gettysburg, Pa.                    Hanover, Pa. Nov. 28, 1934 Dr. Wetzel's Home
Snyder, Russell C.                                Simpson, Mildred N.                 Littlestown, Pa.                     Taneytown Dec. 22, 1934 Parsonage
Lawrence, Earl T.                                    Reaver, Pauline A. Taneytown                          Taneytown Mar. 5, 1935  
Plank, Levi H.                                       Ruth Harmon New Windsor                        Littlestown, Pa. Mar. 20, 1935  
Heltibridle, Oliver L.                                King, Anna V. Westminster                                   Westminster Mar. 30, 1935  
Sharrer, Robert D.                                 Walsh, Elsie N. Westminster                                   Westminster May 25, 1935  
Platt, Earl L.                                      McKee, Helen I.        Harrisburg, Pa.                      Harrisburg, Pa. Aug. 25, 1935  
Wentz, Oscar F.                                   Myers, Margie E. Westminster                       Silver Run Nov. 28, 1935  
Sullivan, Charles E.                                Boyer, Margie E. Hanover, Pa.                       Hanover, Pa. Jan. 4, 1936  
Perryman, Frank I.                                Van Dyke, Ione H. Harrisburg, Pa.                      Harrisburg, Pa. Jan. 11, 1936  
Lemmon, Donald                                   Bemiller, Arlene Littlestown, Pa.                    Silver Run Feb. 29, 1936  
Erb. James R.                                      Hess, Mildred C. Union Mills                           Taneytown Apr. 7, 1936  
Shoemaker, Austin C.                            Strevig, Evelyn M. Littlestown, Pa.                     Union Mills Apr. 12, 1936  
Boughter, W.H.                                     Spealman, Grace Dillsburg, Pa.                        Dillsburg, Pa. Apr. 22, 1936  
McElroy, Harold T.                                McClellan, Mary E. Gettysburg, Pa.                    Gettysburg, Pa. Apr. 29, 1936  
Fohl, Ira                                           Sterner, Mary Biglerville, Pa.                        Gettysburg, Pa. May 16, 1936  
Utz, Claude                                           Myers, Agnes Union Mills                          Silver Run May 16, 1936  
Croft, George E.                                    Richstine, Catharine E. Hanover, Pa.                       Hanover, Pa. May 29, 1936  
Myers, Clarence A.                               Myers, Fredyth L. Westminster                        New Oxford, Pa. May 30, 1936  
Flickinger, John H.                                Burns, C. Kathryn Littlestown, Pa.                    Emerson, N.J. June 27, 1936  
Leidigh, Thomas                                    Guisti, MAry Carlisle, Pa.                        Carlisle, Pa. Aug. 24, 1936 Parsonage
Kuykendall, Bernarad V.                       Gulden, Viola E. Gettysburg, Pa.                   Gettysburg, Pa. Dec. 5, 1936 Parsonage
Kinsey, Vernon P.                                 Sauder, Helen M. Florine, Pa.                           Marietta, Pa. Jan. 1, 1937 Parsonage
Zile, William P.                               Hodges, Melvia A. Westminster                        Westminster Jan. 7, 1937 Parsonage
Humbert, Ralph                                    Leister, Elizabeth Pleasant Valley                    Pleasant Valley Jan. 30, 1937 Parsonage
Zook, Samuel N.                                   Jenkins, Mary L. Bareville, Pa.                        Taylor, Pa. Feb. 27, 1937 St. Matthew's Church
Sager, Raymond                                   Krumrine, Minne Hanover, Pa.                         Westminster Mar. 6, 1937 Parsonage
Dougherty, Harry E.                                Rank, Emeline Mt. Holly Springs, Pa.            Mt. Holly Springs, Pa. Apr. 6, 1937 Parsonage