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Holy Communion and Liturgical Basics for 2018

As we offer the Holy Communion each Sunday and at certain
other festive occasions in the church year, it is important that we
review some of the basic aspects of the distribution and related
liturgy.  The practice of distributing Holy Communion at the altar rail
on the first Sunday of each month will be continued at which time
bread will also be used, as it is available, and we will use two
chalices, thus requiring two Communion assistants.  We will continue
to need ushers to make cups available while acolytes will hold
baskets on these first Sundays. Please contact another Communion
assistant to help you on the first Sunday of the month.

At other times, distribution will generally be by intinction, and
people will come forward to the altar rail on their own, without
the assistance from ushers. At times Communion assistants or
ushers will need to alert the pastor to those who wish to receive
the Communion but unable to come forward to the altar rail.             

Other means of distribution as an alternative to using plastic cups
will continue to be examined for theological, ecological, and
practical concerns.   

Altar Guild:  
Please note the above.  Colors for the paraments will be found on the
calendar adjacent to the sacristy sink, and are indicated on the
calendar by the  #  which will be found next to the color block of the
Sunday in question, and which we will generally follow. (The other
symbols on the calendar are for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.). Contact Pastor if you
have questions.

The following are Sundays or festivals in 2017 which special services

Jan. 8         Baptism of Our Lord         
Feb. 26      Transfiguration of Our Lord         
March 1      Ash Wednesday

March 12    Healing Service

April 9         Palm Sunday      

April 13        Maundy Thursday

April 14        Stations of the Cross 2 p.m.
                   Passion according to John 7:30 pm.

April 16         Resurrection of Our Lord
                  (+Gospel processional)         
April 30        Spring Blessing Service

June 4            Day of Pentecost   
                   (+Gospel processional)
June 11         The Holy Trinity  
                    (+Gospel processional)         
July 2            Historic "Common Service" in pavilion
                    (weather permitting)

Aug. 13        Mary, Mother of Our Lord
                   (Sunday closest to Aug. 15)         

Oct. 1            Creature Blessing Service in parish house auditorium

Oct. 15          Healing Service with Holy Communion

Oct. 29           Reformation Sunday - Luther's Chorale Mass (adapted)
Nov. 5          All Saints' Sunday         

Nov. 23        Thanksgiving Eve Service (no communion) - 7:30 p.m.
Nov. 26        Christ the King
                    (+Gospel processional)         
Dec. 24        Nativity of our Lord
                    (+Gospel processional)